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Driven by her success

Our mission is to propel more women into leadership

Mezmira Clients

Brand values



Fueling the
next step

Greater confidence is achieved through taking action. We give her the tools to dress in a way
that makes her come alive.




Personal style communicates who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. We help her shape this narrative with intention.



Supporting her leadership journey

It can be a lonely climb. We hold the ladder — providing encouragement, empathy and education.



Keeping it real

Fashion can be intimidating. We take a light-hearted approach, laugh loud and often, and bring back the fun.

Our founder

It's not easy climbing the corporate ladder in heels.

Mezmira Founder Anne Rogers

She's confident, competitive, and has a cackle that will make you cringe.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded her first company — a modeling agency — from her playroom.

Over the last 20 years, Anne's had a successful career leading large-scale global business transformations and mentoring the next generation of female leaders.

A glass-ceiling experience left Anne feeling stuck and stunted. Ambitious and determined to make an impact, she channeled her “Fearless Girl” and created her own path. Combining Anne’s passion for business, fashion, and women’s empowerment with her expertise in all things digital, Mezmira was born.

Meet Anne

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Our stylists

This is a judgment-free zone.

- Amy Seeman, Head of Style & Fashion

Your new most fashionable friend

You are not an algorithm

Mezmira stylists are real
live humans, not bots.
Get a relationship, not
another box.

No awkward

Easily switch between stylists for the best fit or simply for a fresh eye.

Look like you,
not your stylist

Get personalized help
from experts skilled at
styling all shapes, sizes
and personalities.

An entire team
in your corner

Tap into a diverse community of stylists who share inspiration, ideas and expertise.

Giving back

Preparing future female leaders

Provide style education to the next generation of female talent. We are actively seeking corporate partners to sponsor style workshops for female college and university students.

Mezmira gives back
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Join our team

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