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Frequently Asked Questions


How does membership work?

Your monthly Mezmira membership is your ticket to stress-free styling. Meet with your dedicated stylist for 1:1 virtual sessions to build and manage your wardrobe. Sessions are 15, 30 or 60 minutes depending on your schedule and needs.

When will I be billed?

Members are charged on a monthly basis. You will be billed on the same day every month to your payment method on file. Memberships automatically renew each month. Your membership will not expire unless you contact us and choose to cancel.

Do unused sessions roll-over?

Unfortunately, no. Like the other half of your avocado, unused sessions expire at the end of each month. As a reminder, you control the timing of your session. Even if it’s just 15 minutes to ask your stylist… this shoe or that one, is it time to get rid of this sweater, what do I wear for date night.

Can I switch my membership?

Yes! You can change your membership as your style needs evolve. Contact your stylist to make the change. The new plan will be effective the following calendar month.

What if my expectations aren't met?

Miss the mark with a style selection? We’ll re-do it. Simply reach out to your stylist.
Want to try another stylist? You’ve got it. Request a change

Not what you expected? You can cancel at any time

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our goal is to give every Mezmira client an exceptional experience. And we want to hear your feedback continuously. Please let us know how we can improve and reach out with any concerns. We’ll work with you to refund the value of unused sessions.

Where do you offer memberships?

Style sessions are virtual and time zone is the only barrier. All of our stylists are located in US time zones and all payments are in USD.

Working with a stylist

What if I want to try a different stylist?

No awkward breakups. Easily switch between stylists for the best fit or mix it up for a fresh eye. Request a change

Am I supposed tip my stylist?

Nope, Mezmira stylists do not accept tips.

How do I contact my stylist?

Find contact information in the Member menu.

Can I get help from my stylist between sessions?

Members with an Elite plan can reach out to their stylist via text for quick Q& A with questions like, "Which handbag looks best?" or "What color lipstick do you recommend with this dress?" Please allow up to 24 hours for text response.

Do you offer in-person styling?

Not at this time. All styling sessions are virtual over Zoom.

Does Mezmira sell clothing?

No. We do offer personal shopping and will recommend items to purchase providing shoppable links for your convenience. Mezmira is not affiliated with any specific brands or store. Sylists have unlimited access to brands, stores, and designers to fit your specific needs and budget.

Booking your style sessions

When are style sessions available?

To allow your stylist time to prepare, sessions can be scheduled 48 hours from today's date. Appointments are generally available between 7:30 AM and 7 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM through 12 PM on Saturday, dependent on stylist availability. We are closed on Sundays and all major US holidays.

Don't see the time you want in your stylist's calendar? Reach out directly to request another time.

How do I reschedule or cancel my session?

You're busy. We're flexible. Open your calendar invite to find the links to reschedule or cancel. You may reschedule or cancel your session for free up to 24 hours prior to your session. Same-day reschedules or cancellations will incur a $25 service fee.

What if I miss my session?

No problem. Your stylist will reach out to you to reschedule. Missed sessions will incur a $50 service fee.

Gift cards

Will I get something I can print or email?

Yes, you'll have the option to download a gift card immediately after purchase. You'll also receive an email you can forward.

How can gift cards be used?

$50 and $100 gift cards can be applied toward an Introductory styling session or membership. You can also gift a 90-minute styling session.

Any special terms or conditions?

Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. They never expire and can be used at any time. Gift cards are fully transferrable.

Where do I enter the code on my gift card?

Enter the discount code at checkout to redeem your gift card.

Still have questions?

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