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Mezmira Clients

She gets dressed every day

Employee training and benefits with immediate impact

Her leadership journey is different.
Is your development?

Go beyond traditional leadership development.

Nurture and empower female talent with style education and 1:1 coaching.

This hands-off topic is distinctive and deeply personal.

Why Mezmira?

Mezmira Clients

We've walked in her shoes

It's not easy climbing the corporate ladder in heels. We've been there.

Mezmira Client

Style impacts

What we wears impacts how we feel about ourselves, and how we're perceived by others. We dig deep into the why and the how.

Mezmira Virtual Styling Session

Customized to your new normal

Virtual and in-person solutions for groups and individuals optimized to your working model.

Mezmira Client

Driven by your

Our mission is to propel more women into leadership.

Women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rates we’ve ever seen, and ambitious young women are prepared to do the same. To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies need to go beyond table stakes.

- McKinsey 2022 Women in the Workplace Study

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Executive leaders

Nurture female leaders at the most demanding level. Save her time and stress with a style membership and 1:1 coach.


Rising talent

Fuel a growth-mindset and unique approach to developing her personal brand. Show her she's seen and supported with style education.


Interns and new team members

Make a powerful first impression. Help them understand your culture through the dress code so they feel more welcome from day one.



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Your members will thank you

Style is a shared experience. Invite Mezmira to your next event, meeting or conference to uplift and empower your members with style education.

Mezmira client

Client love

Mezmira client testimonial

"Mezmira knocked it out of the park.”

Amy S, Financial Services industry

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