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Amy S

Head of Fashion & Styling



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Meet Amy

What do you enjoy most about personal styling?

The transformation I see in a client right in front of my eyes when they put on something that makes them come alive! Their energy shifts and their confidence rise.

Do you have a favorite client memory to share?

I helped a client pack for a leadership conference. After her return to the office, she sent me a note of thanks. She'd received numerous compliments on her outfits. She went on to say how it had been so long since she wore anything worthy of noticing that she'd forgotten just how good it felt.

What do you think is the most under-rated garment and why?

A well-fitting bra. What you put on under your clothes is the foundation to the rest of the outfit. If you get that wrong, it can be a major distraction from the overall look.

What’s your favorite styling tip?

The Power of 3! It’s a formula I coined to make getting dressed easier. Adding a 3rd SOMETHING is what makes an outfit look more intentional and polished.

Where do you find inspiration?

Some of my best style tips have come from simply playing with clothes, whether it's in my own wardrobe or a clients. I'm always looking at new ways to wear an item. It could be in an unexpected color pairing, or perhaps a dress tucked into a trouser as a top. When one is at play, there are no rules!

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