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Your style, redefined

Expert stylists to keep you at the top of your game

Elevate your personal brand with a style that's all your own

Stop scrolling, shopping and stressing about what to wear. Meet Mezmira. The go-to, the truth-teller, the most fashionable friend you've always wanted. Like you, our stylists are professionals with the tools and expertise to match your personal style with your ambition.

Why Mezmira

Mezmira Client Closet

You don't have to
start over

You've already made the investment in your wardrobe. A fresh set of eyes can help you reimagine the possibilities—starting with what you already own.

Mezmira client

one-on-one help

Expertise to build a customized style plan for your body, budget and lifestyle.

Mezmira Client on Laptop

On your time

Virtual, video-based styling sessions to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

Mezmira Member

Driven by your

Flexible membership options give you more time and confidence to pursue your goals.

Mezmira vs...

Mezmira Client Closet

In-store stylists

Mezmira stylists have no limits where they can shop or find inspiration, allowing you to experience new brands and stores.

Mezmira Subscription

Subscription boxes

Unlike subscription boxes, we sell styling services, not clothing. You'll get style education and empowerment, not just more stuff. 

Mezmira Influencers


Regret hitting "buy now" on an item recommended by your favorite influencer? Mezmira stylists have your body, budget and personal brand in mind — not simply what's trending.

Client love

Deb's Testimonial Mezmira.jpeg

"If you want expert input on the wardrobe you have, style inspiration for what to change and advice on where to shop? That’s what you’ll get. It's personalized.”

Deb M,
Senior Vice President of a Consulting Firm

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