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Empower your wardrobe
Empower you

Let Mezmira be your most fashionable friend. We offer one-on-one personal styling services designed for career women at the touch of her fingertips. Feel confident, stylish & prepared. Your Mezmira team supports your emerging styling needs while helping you rediscover the wardrobe you already own.   

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About Mezmira

Our one-on-one virtual personal styling sessions are with your dedicated & trained personal stylist who offers valuable coaching and digital tools to help you save time and manage your wardrobe.

Choose from a range of fully customizable services such as: General personal fashion styling : Wardrobe edits : Special event styling : Seasonal updates : Trip packing : Personal shopping assistance

The Power of Personal Styling


No more endless scrolling on social media or standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear. 


The average woman spends 5% of her income on her wardrobe, yet roughly one third goes unused.


Style what you already own while keeping clothes out of landfills.


Your stylist is your secret weapon. Feel prepared for whatever you have planned.


Personal Styling, Made Accessible

For you, not just celebrities

We see you—yes you—in all your glory. Mezmira is for the everyday woman, juggling calendars and commitments. So you look your best running from the boardroom to the soccer field.  


With your budget at hand

Our stylists will honor your budget and stretch your investment further by starting with what you already own. Reimagine your current wardrobe, identify key missing pieces, and fall in love with your closet again—without breaking the bank.


From the convenience of your home

Virtual styling allows us to bring the most talented stylists from all over the country right to you. No driving necessary. No need to clean or tidy up. Simply flip open your laptop and voila!


“Working as a VP in a global Fortune 250 organization, it was common to be the only woman in a room filled with blue button-ups and khaki pants. It’s not easy climbing the corporate ladder in heels.”

Anne Rogers

Founder, CEO

Client Love

"If you want expert input on the wardrobe you have, style inspiration for what to change, and advice on where to go shopping? That’s what you’ll get. It's personalized."

Deb M, Senior Vice President 

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